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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self–seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

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Monday, May 13, 2013
These boys visited me in jb and in turn they want me to be their tourguide. Heh good deal? Not. haha just kidding its the opposite actually. I seriously enjoyed myself with them, i laughed a lot yesterday and today. They are really cute people, hmm awesome people who will do the randomest things.

Okay i shall show you the pictures! It speaks best i think. :)
I plan to bring them for cheap and nice korean food but it wasnt' open so we came to this TAISON SEAFOOD place, where only beer was cheap and the rest of the food was really expensive. Sorry bros. :p
 Edmund and Edwin

My panorama shot, failed. :X

 Sha enjoying his food (They say alas perut only=RM134.40)

After food we went to the zon and bought some duty free chocolates and alcohol! and den we went to Danga Bay. :)

The 5KG nutella which is RM199.00. Who wants?

 Edmund loves the fish. ahha.

 Sha super silly lo, like didnt see fish before.

Four of em'                             Noel and i

We rented this mini beca for 45 minutes, and it was a crazy ride. Sha was the mad driver and all of us sweat like crazy after cycling that. 

 Then the guys went to play bumper car.

The sun was shinning brightly and it was freaking hot. After a long walk at Legoland and Hellokitty land, they need to take a break and den only continue. HAHAHA.

            Edmund and Pingu, Barney and Edwin           The HELLO KITTY LAND!
 They reallly like the pingu cartoon show, i find it annoying and i dont understand what language they use. haha.

This is the random device, something like ipad for kids. We took a photo of us. haha.

 All thanks to the really good photographer and nice back ground. hahahha.

And.....this is him!!!!! The best driver in town, best tissue provider, best photographer and still got what? Best poser!!!!!!!!!! He's so funny. Nyways, most of the pictures is with Edwin, this is those that i snap only and yeap i enjoyed the short trip with them, hope they too enjoyed everything. :)

Alrights gonna go court tomorrow. So i think its aboout time to sleep. Good night peopleee! :)

3 months of legal attachment.
It's been a longggggg longgggggg time since i updated this blog, because i had been a very lazy girl. #seewhatlegalattachmentdidtome

Haha i'm not blaming this legal attachment. Hmm alrights what should i start with? Alrights i shall talk about work, my last day of these three months was last friday. Time seriously flies!! It was kinda sad to leave the firm. For these three months, a lot of things happened and i learnt a lot of new stuffs and made a lot of new friends. :) And....i'm glad it ended well and i'm currently having my holidays!! I was waiting for this three weeks break! HAHAHAHA! AND NOW ITS HERE! :D

Hmm..many things did happened, like i said just now. I learnt a lot of practical stuffs which i don't get from books in my university and....i believe God taught me a lot of other stuffs, besides what i need to learn as a lawyer. I told big daddy what i needed to learnt in this practical training, in turn told me what He wants me to learn and in His perfect timing, i learnt both! Haven't mastered it, but still learning. It was a great journey! Okey, i enjoyed my whole three months in this firm, Tea, Kelvin Kang & Co., especially the corporate department as there were a bunch of lovely people working there. They made my intern fun and interesting to work and learn there. At first, we really don't know anything and i gotta start from zero. However, i thank God i managed to learn and they were very willing to teach and share their knowledge.

There are a lot of work everyday to be done. Look at the files and you will already get a cold shiver and do not know where to start first. They have sooooo much work to do and the lawyers allow me to handle certain files myself. It was tough at first but slowly i pick up. It was kinda stressful when we can't finish the work on time and everyday we were rushing to complete before those datelines.

I was placed with two lawyers, Ms Alice, a very strict but nice lady lawyer where i learnt to be very detailed in my worrk and to be mindful about the minor minor things that people tend to not care or notice. I made some mistakes but she corrected me and helped me improve from there. However, another lawyer is also very nice and friendly but very different from the lady lawyer. Mr See, he is very chill type of lawyer, very generous in his knowledge and fun to talk to. He treat us ice cream when everybody's alil emo and often like to joke around. He taught me that we shouldn't bring our emoness to the office and vent it on our collegues and other stuffs.

Other colleagues "Senior clerks" four of em (Fanny, Mary, Jessy and Ms Koh), i can say that they are wonderful people. I thank God for putting them in my life, i really see real and true friendship through their lives and i see joy in them everyday even while working. They really shine beautifully and spread the joy to the people around them. I was really encouraged and inspired by their beautiful attitudes. :)

My big boss, Dato' Tea who always ask us to speak in chinese and tell us only in practice we can learn all these, cannot learn from books one, so learn as much as you can while you are here. Another Mr Leong and Ms Rachael who taught me a lot tooo, who are both great lecturers haha and always being us for awesome food. I really appreciate what they shared with me, and i wanna thank them for the awesome stay and experience working in this firm.

Our farewell lunch.

P/s: Too much work, didnt really take much photos with them. TOO BUSY! Anyways, tomorrow will be meeting them up for lunch. :)

Happy mother's and father's day!
Sunday, May 12, 2013
Hey mummy and papa, i love you both banyak banyak! Hope you like the card we made for you, and thank you for everything.You all are the best, thank God for you guys! *Huggs*

This is a nice song. :)
Thursday, May 2, 2013
Shine your way by Owl City & Yuna

Just before the dawn, 
When the light's still gone, 
Shine, shine your way, 
And you may not know, where to go, 
Shine, shine your way 

Open road but it's still dark, 
Build a fire from a spark, 
And shine, shine your way, 
Feed the feeling in your heart, 
Don't conceal it then you'll start, 
To find, find your way 

No one can stop, what has begun, 
You must believe when I say 

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun, 
Starting today, 
Shine, shine, shine, 
Shine your way 

There's an open sky, 
And a reason why, 
You shine, shine your way, 
There's so much to learn, 
And now it's your turn, 
To shine, shine your way 

There's a feeling deep inside, 
You can let it be your guide, 
To find, find your way, 
And there's no time for us to waste, 
Got to take a leap of faith, 
And fly, fly away 

Don't have to walk, 
Now you can run, 
Nothing can get in your way 

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun, 
Starting today, 
Shine, shine, shine, 
Shine your way 

Morning is breaking, 
Darkness is fading, 
We found a way to the light, 
It's such a beautiful sight 

Any time, anywhere, 
Turn around and I'll be there, 
To shine, shine your way 

Like a star burning bright, 
Lighting up the darkest night, 
I'll shine, shine your way 

Now I can see, 
You are the one, 
Sent here to show me the way 

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun, 
Starting today, 
Shine, shine, shine, 
We're on our way, 
Shine, shine, shine, 
That's what we say, 
Shine, shine, shine, 
Shine your way

There's a reason why
You shine, shine your way

All of our tears will dry faster in the sun
Shine your way

P/s: i like the song lyrics. :)

28th April 2013
Sunday, April 28, 2013
A day to remember.

This boy came all the way down to jb to look for me. I spent my day well with him. We met at the weirdest place of all, Angsana. Hahaha because i just finished church, skipped choir practice and went over to meet him. After that we went to city square to have lunch. He ate subway, and i watched him eat. :) *He don't want to let me eat. :(* *Haha i already had my lunch in church before i meet him*

Okays, so we went jalan-jalan and i brought him around city square and went to popular and mph to try to finish our book voucher. But in the end, i didnt use any of mine. He got me a new iphone cover! A blueeeee one and i really like it! :)) It was my first tutty fruity and we talked alot and about our lives. Just wanna tell you: "Thank you for coming down today, thank you and i really enjoyed the time spent with you. Wanna tell you that i have made up my mind to walk this journey with you. And if its God's will, let's us work hard and run this together hand in hand. This journey is not going to be smooth sailing, there will definitely be tough times. Hmm....but let's run together with big daddy k, promise? :) "

P/s: Let's keep on praying. You know what it is. :)

Without You. ;)
Friday, March 1, 2013

This song is dedicated to you.
And its really really nice, to those who hesitate to listen to it. haha.


After the day i blogged about rongsheng's condition, the next day 4a.m in the morning he went home to be with the Lord. It was really a sad news but i believe God has a plan and He is definitely in control. Rongsheng went peacefully, for a patient with liver cancer without much pain its already a blessing from God. His wife accepted Christ when he was having this illness and i believe more of his family members will be saved. I attended the wake and some service where we went to his home and we sang hymns and the most unforgettable one is Amazing Grace. I guess only the Christians will do that, to sing amazing grace and to sing of how great our God is when someone has just pass on. I cried, i could see God working and blessing his family. He was only 36 years old, a very young man and who just got married few years back and has a three year old girl. Hmm life is soooo short and fragile.

The pastor preached in the wake, and this caught me. For human beings, there is cycle from life to death, therefore we can say that human beings are born to die or something like we are born and the ultimate aim of our life is death. However, as a Christian we know God, and our ultimate aim is not death anymore, we are set free through Jesus Christ and it will be that our life is from death to life (eternal life). We believe in life after death thru Christ.

Today, i realised that  BFF are kinda a fake stuff to me, was really upset and angry with a friend. But actually i really care alot for this friendship, that's why i am angry and upset with all these. I have put up with it for so long and i finally told her whats on my mind. I really hope everything will be okay once again. Anyways will be leading worship this sunday, so many ups and downs in this particular week, really ask God for strength and discernment to His word and heart to be able to lead the members to worship this great big God. God has been really faithful and loving to me, His grace is sufficient to all, each of us. Goodnight y'all. :)

A new chapter.
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Helloooo, its the third day of my legal attachment. Thank god for the friendly colleagues and those really helpful ones. Learnt quite alot from them, its exciting to learn new things but its kinda tiring to work from 9am to 6pm. I really wish that tmrw is a saturday so that i can sleep in longer haha, now i understand my parents' feeling when they go to work and come back. Anyways, wanna wish all the very best for everyone who's doing their internship!! Have fun and will miss you guys back there in malacca! It wont be long, three months will pass really fast! I just told cheryl that its only the third day and we have two months and 27days to go. HAHAHA! Alrights time to go to read my book that i borrowed from noel and sleep early today! The book is "Boy meets girl" then i would intro to you guys if its a good book okay? :)

Oh yeah, i have been praying for a brother from church. He's having liver cancer and left one more week to live, His mother, sister and brother are all victims of liver cancer and have already passed away. His brother just went back to the Lord few days ago and he totally don't know about this badnews. If anyone who reads this do keep him in prayer, he really needs prayer. And i believe if its God's will, our God who is a miracle worker is able to heal him. I was reminded that our life is not just only about ourselves but its all about Him, Jesus. Hmm, we only live once, for Him. Gonna live to the fullest everyday.

P/s: God continue to guide us. :)

To my dearest kassy!
Monday, October 29, 2012
Hi my dear 'case',
Just wanna wish you a very blessed 21st birthday here in my bloggie! Dont think you'll ever see this but yeah i'm really thankful for having you as my sister and glad to have got to know you more in this year. When i first got to know you, i was kinda afraid of you but when i really got to know you, i realised something different about you. You are actually a joyful girl, filled with lots of crazy and funny ideas that would make people around you laugh and smile. Thank you sister for your joyfulness, hahaha i love you a lot! Muacks muacks!

And currently we spend like almost everyday together, hope you will not be sien seeing my face in class, cf, choices practices, cg, and preparing for moot comp. HAHAHAHA, thank you for teaching me how to play and be addicted to tetris shifu! Hope we will do well in our upcoming moot comp, and just wanna wish you a happy 21st! & may our friendship blooooooom like flowers you make, and may you continue to grow and get to know big daddy more. May He pour out His blessings into every area of your life. Will get you your gift soon, its coming soon. Stay tuned! :)

*I promised to piggyback you oneday, so let's both do our parts kays! :P

Little things.

Thank God for today and for the weekend i spent with my family back home. We celebrated mummy and daddy's birthday together. And the awesome thing is that sissy and i taught dad how to be a romantic husband. So we suggested tonnes of crazy and cheesy ideas and also what to get for her. We suggested dad to get mom flowers (roses), but dad says after that the flowers would also die and we would just throw em' away. So we told dad but its really a sweet thing to do for mom and she would be really happy. I guess every girl would be very happy to receive flowers, esp their favourite ones, so here's a *tip for guys out there who do not know what to get for their partners. haha.

We got her something else and dad wrote some cheesy stuffs and also a bible verse in a heartshape card he made. So guys out there, a handmade card* is always better than anything else. :)

Mummy was really really happy when she got those flowers and gifts, i really felt that she was really happy and said the best gift was having us here with her on that day. Glad to see mummy smiling. :)

Its really gonnna be super busy semester, i can already smell it. Uhh its gonna be real tough, am getting kinda worry over it. But yeah a verse came across my mind which is do not worry about tmrw, because tmrw has its own to worry and God will surely take care of you. So, big daddy i'm going to leave it all to you this semester. I will do my best and put my trust and hope in You. I wanna experience You more. :)

I think i know what christmas gift i'm gonna get for myself this year! something really cute, opps. :p

I got a heartshape lollipop.
Monday, October 22, 2012
First day of my new sem was good, and i expect that Big daddy is going to do greater stuffs in this semester and i am waiting. Andy dropped by my place to pass us chocolates, that's really sweet of him to do it. Then yeah as good students, we printed our notes and went for class. After class, i went out with kaevin, noel, grace, kaes and andy. It was quite fun and we watched Looper, i didn't really get the movie cause it was kinda confusing. But after that i understood after asking them haha, really noob right. Urghh. :P

P/s: I really hope you see this, hope that this semester would be an awesome and wonderful one of experiencing God in our lives and we would learn to put Him first in our lives. Let's grow together spiritually stronger in Him and get to know each other better kays? Hugs! :)

I surrender this whole semester, all my plans, my awesome friends and my loved ones into His loving hands. I am so blessed, i am thankful for everything that has happened.

It all started with a lollipop. :)

Give Thanks.
Its been a while i guess? And yeah i am here to thank God for my results, i am really really thankful and grateful for His grace and mercy in everything i do. I really experienced God so real, i don't think i am able to explain it here. Last year during our musical play ROC2, it was really crazily hectic and many sad incidents happened in my life, i really didn't how to go through my exams. I prayed so hard, i cried so much, and i tried my best and left it all to Him. When i started to think back of how God has led me up till now, it's really amazing and i really saw how God work through all of this, seeing His greater plan behind is really amazing. :)

Anyways, its already the second day of my new semester, i believe that He's going to do greater things this semester. So I AM GONNA TRUST HIM AND PUT MY FAITH AND HOPE IN HIM. I WANT JESUS TO BE THE CENTER OF MY LIFE. :)

Just wanna share that our God is so real, do experience Him yourself yeah! :)

Yeah, we are weak people and we need God in our lives.
Sunday, October 7, 2012
I took some time off to do my devotions, i wanted to spend some time with Big daddy because there's a lot of doubts and weird thought running on my mind. It was really a great one hour plus talking to Him and reading His word, i read the  love story in the bible which is the book, Song of songs. At first i was wondering why there is this book in the bible, so i asked big daddy about this book. There were lots of lovey dovey words used and the voice of love in the song between the lover and the beloved. The lover is the man and the beloved is the woman. The lover always praise and encourages his beloved and how the beloved responded opened my eyes to what is true love. Maybe everyone has their own definition of what true love is, i'm still searching and i believe God will reveal it to me at the right time. :')

This song really touched my heart and inspired me to be captivated in God's love and to always put Him first in my life. Not to sway with my emotions but really putting my hope and trust in the Lord. For he stays the same yesterday, today and forevermore. :)

Dear God, please lead.

A God who is personal.

I jumped into bed and fell asleep immediately after i reached Malacca, i was really reaaaally tired after the 5 days camp. Then i was suddenly awaken by an incoming text at around 5 something. I read the text and tears ran down my cheeks, i kept crying and crying non-stop. Actually at the end of the camp, something not really nice happened and I was feeling emo deep inside but i tried to cover it all up because i didn't want anyone to find out about it. Many thoughts ran thru my mind and i thought that this 2 weeks break was going to be a sad one, but i didnt want it to be like that. So I talked to Big daddy and i found comfort in Him. He knows what was going on in my heart, He knows it all even when i didn't tell anyone or even Him. He told me to be honest and true, then i sent out an email to a friend about how i was feeling. I thank God for teaching me something really personal. :')

P/s: Let's run with a heart that is true.

Lifegame 2012.

I am here to share a little bit about the past week. I joined a cf lifegame camp as a volunteer, so i went with them one day earlier to get ready and prepare for the campers on monday. I was really really excited for the campers because this lifegame camp had really impacted me alot two years ago and i really look forward to how God is going to use this camp to speak to all my dear cfers. 

Being a volunteer was a total different experience as being a camper. And i give thanks to big daddy for the opportunity to serve Him in this camp.  I got to know new friends in the volunteering team and i really felt the care and love through their lives, where we helped each other when we were in need. I saw how far a desperate person can go to get what he/she wants and saw their love when they shared stuffs with each other. There were some obstacles here and there during the camp when Jess fell sick and Mel knocked her toe, but God allowed the whole thing to run smoothly and healed Jess too! Through out the whole process, i learnt a lot of skits and mimes, one of the skits reminded me to guard my heart and also got to know that Pastor Ronnie is actually a really funny person. :) 

I want to thank God for the camp and i am veery very happy where two of my friends accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. I was really encouraged by the step of faith that they took by standing up. and yeah many campers shared their experience and what they learnt in this camp, it was really amazing how God works and speaks to them so personally and individually. Everyone there was IMPACTED and i pray that it will not just last for a period of time in the camp but they will bring it back and apply it in their lives.

For me, God reminded me about some stuffs thru this camp too. Life is really short, i shouldn't be wasting my time dwelling on little little things and my life shouldn't be just revolving on i, me, myself but i should put God in the center of it all. I learnt that life is so much more than just chasing after material possessions, wealth, health, friends, studies, love life, fashion. Life is beyond all these things! The questions that popped up to me is "What is the purpose of my life? What is the purpose of me studying in MMU? What is the purpose of having a relationship?" I was reminded to reevaluate my life again.

Hmm, besides all those, God taught me something about Love is not jealous. Don't think i am going to write it all down here, because its kinda personally to me. but yeah i realised that we are still far far away from the love that is stated in the bible in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Enjoying time alone. :)
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seeeeeee? LOL.

Second chances.
Sunday, July 22, 2012
Just randomly wanna blog today. Ermm currently im having my one-week holiday, and i am super happy to be home with my family! They are all here now, except for my big braadah who's still studying, hopefully he can come back in Sept. Went for grandpa's birthday on saturday and was really glad to see him smiling. He's now EIGHTY YEARS OLD! May God continue to bless him with lots of joy everyday and that he will come to know big daddy soon. lovehimlots:)

We also visited my grand uncle, and i realised that my great-grand mother had already pass away for almost two years. I still remember that i blogged about it two years ago. Hmm time really flies, it moves reaaaaally fast. I kinda miss her when i went over to her place, they had already cleared up her room and stuffs, it was no longer there, only her slippers left. :(

Hmm okay, wanna talk bout second chances today.
I did many mistakes in my life which are irreversible and unchangeable. Sometimes i would feel upset and full of regrets when i look back, but i know i cannot do anything about it anymore. Thinking about it can't change anything and sometimes its still somehow, painful. Someone told me there will be something you've learnt from all those things that happened in the past, and take that as a lesson to grow, improve and move on stronger. I failed many times in life, seriously. Sigh. But i'm glad and thankful to have a God who always gives second chances. Really grateful ttm. :)

Will be having a lil celebration in my JB house this coming friday, i hope my friends would be able to make it. But most of them are studying, bit wrong timing. but its okay, just wanna have fun with the bunch who can make it. Alrights, i think its time to go do my devotions and sleep. Tmrw wanna  start studying for my paper after the hols. Goodnight, y'all! :)

Happiness is not by chance but the choice you make. :)
If there's a time machine, i would like to go back to year2006. 

Something i learnt.
Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today i really enjoyed service where adrian visited our church, invited by jiawei. I realised alot of things that i need to improve on. Haha just wanna share it here and hope it helps anyone who's reading this blog.

We are chosen to fellowship together.
Firstly, we need to admit that we need each other, we need help from others and also don't forget that others need our help at times too. But why isit so difficult for us to admit our need for each other? One of em' is pride, where we don't want to show others that we need their help. Secondly, we need to learn to commit to each other. Loving the person for who he/she is, no matter what. You must also be there for each other.

Next, another interesting point, respecting each other. We need to be tactful not just truthful. Yes, we gotta be truthful to each other but maybe in a tactful way. For example: If your wife's cooking isn't that nice on that particular day, you should not say that, "Dear, your cooking is horrible." I guess, this would be pretty hurtful for her. But instead maybe try saying it this way, "Well dear, i appreciate your cooking but maybe you could add a lil more of salt to make it taste better." See the difference? haha. And by respecting each other there must also be understanding not be demanding. To be gentle and not judgmental, its not for us to judge. Most importantly, be polite and not rude.

Fourth point, support each other. Having tender hearts towards each other, meaning to be frank with each other. Remember confession is good for the soul? :) Hmm, we gotta have humble minds too. This is what i am struggling with i think, gotta change. Normally, the world would be jealous when you are happy, but we should learn to share each other's happiness and not get upset or jealous of it. The saying goes like that, when sadness is shared, it will become half, but when joy is shared it will become DOUBLE JOY! WOOHOOO! HAHAHA. :p

Fifth point, to get along with each other, unity is needed, like seriously. Leaning on the mind of Christ and also laying down human weapons. You might ask, what's human weapons? Its words that you use, it is as sharp as a double edged sword. Words are very powerful thing, it may either bring people up or even tear people down. So choose your words carefully and think before you talk. Instead we should use spiritual weapons, which is forgiveness. Let's forgive like how God forgave our sins, and forgive for God's sake! :)

Be patient with each other, and it will help us to improve on our perspective. We will learn to listen first before responding. It might also costs us a lot of time, but its all worth it. "Patient is a virtue which carries a lot of WAIT."

Lastly, we need to be honest to each other because honesty builds trust and strengthens relationship. One single lie is enough to cause doubt and destroy the whole relationship/friendship.

Okay, that's all for today. It may be a lil' long but hope you guys learn something out of it. And i know its not easy to do it, but let's try do to it kays! Toodles!:)

Beyond it.
Friday, July 6, 2012

Tadaaah! Finally i'm back to blogging. Suddenly had the urged to blog in the middle of the night, so i'm sacrificing some of my time to blog. Hmm, there's been alot of things happening in my life. So yeah i'm here. haha. I've got something to share here. Hmm, I've been attending a church cg every friday, where i get to learnt about what love really is. Its not only about bgr, but its beyond that. Okay, here it goes:

Love is not a feeling;
but love is an act of our will.
Love is a command.
Love is a choice.
Love is a conduct.
Love is forgiveness.
Lastly, Love is a commitment. :)

Not bad right? i summarised it all for you. Hmm i really don't want to just to some empty talking here but i hope that i can learn to really love people with the depths of my heart, to have a genuine love. I don't think i can do this alone, but i know big daddy will empower me to love, really love. :)

Next wanna talk about last week, it was really a stressful week for me. I had two midterm papers and so many things in my hands but God brought me through somehow. God is really good to me, and i give thanks for the good and the bad times in my life. He showed me how real He is. And...I've a friend, whom lately had misunderstandings w me. I didnt know about it until someone told me, ido not know how to solve it, and i think he's angry about what happened. I really pray and hope that we would be on talking terms again and we would be able to solve the misunderstandings one day. I do not know when, but yeah i hope it will be solve some day. And he would know why and stuffs.

Another thing, i've got a friend who is upset. I hope that Big daddy will fill him once again with His love, take away his sadness and refresh him with joy. I hope he didn't misunderstand about yesterday, sigh. Yeah, that's all. Goodnight, cheer up k. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm here just to tell the world that yesterday my best friend farted at me. I almost died in class, due to the toxic gas which was too strong. Hahaha! :P i still love you lahhh!

To dear daddy.

Hello, this past two weeks has been crazy. And i finally find time to blog here. I've delayed this post of mine to my dearest daddy for Father's day. Okay, letmme start now. And yeah, i've a wonderful dad. And i thank God for him. :)

Hi dad, I just want you to know that you're awesome. Thank you for being you and Happy belated Father's day! There were few things that i remember and i want to thank you for. I remember those times when i was little, where you used to cycle the bicycle with me. That time i still do not know how to ride a bicycle and my leg got stuck in the front wheel, it bleed so much and it was really painful. I remembered that you carried me home and you told me not to worry because you were there, i couldn't stop crying and you cleaned it w dettol and treated my wounds for me. Besides that, i enjoyed the bible study we had as a family every week and also the jokes you always share with us. And you always put us first before yourself, i realised you always give us your favourite food, eventhough you also feel like eating. (I noticed, haha.) And yeah i remembered that you always call me up when i came to Malacca, heh i know you miss me and you are worried about me. :P When i was young, i don't understand why you were always out and when you are back, we often get scoldings and cannings from you sometimes we misbehaved, but at times, it was just about nothing. I couldn't understand the stress you faced when you are out there working. I'm a big girl now and i start to realised why all those stuffs happened last time and i don't blame you instead i want to thank you for everything. :)

My dad is not a perfect man, or even the perfect father that we used to read in novels, but i love him for who he is, for what he has done for us and a great big guy who loves me and my family.  You're the best dad in my heart. All the little things that you do maybe its nothing to you but it do mean a lot to me, and you played a very important role in my life. Eventhough you don't read my blog but yeah i still will say what i want to you here. And i sent you a snail mail! :)

I love you dad!

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