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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I remembered one day, i was in a restaurant and i saw this two guys who were smartly dressed in formal attire and each holding an office bag. They sat down and started talking. My first impression on them were they were sort of like professional people? Then my food came, so i concentrated on eating my food. Those two guys started talking and they talked loudly and in their conversation vulgar words started to come out from their mouth. It really shocked me and i find it unbelievable that words like that were coming out from their mouth. Urghh.

I don't understand why people like using foul/vulgar language. Even those who had gone thru higher education does it. Urggh. I really don't like it. It is not a nice thing to be heard anyway and it seems like it is the trend/fashion to use the f word (etc) or it may seems like that is the most popular word of the day. From my point of view, i don't think so. Every time when i hear people using vulgar language, i feel extremely uncomfortable, i feel invaded, and greatly polluted. I do not want my mind and my ears to be polluted by any filthy words. It really does not honor the one who speaks them, nor is it edifying to those who hear.

On the other hand, It is simply a matter of common sense and sensibility, showing respect for others and it is simply a matter of politeness.Yesh, it is your freedom of speech to choose what you wana say of course. I just want to make a stand here, we as individuals can make choices for ourselves whether should we use those words, maybe we could improve thru more careful choice of words. Maybe it makes you and others around you feel a bit more happier and better! So, why not give it a try?

And the Bible says that we should respect each other. "If they don't want to hear it then be respectful of their wishes." The best thing to do is be respectful of others and yourself too!! Yeah, and swearing doesn't not benefit anyone too. I don't swear of course! and i hope that this bad culture would be reduce asap especially among teens. When I look at a person, the way they talk can tell a lot about them, seriously you can know a lot about them just thru the way they speak.

Even the word stupid/idiot shouldn't be used. Honestly, i was influenced by some friends and used them before but thank God, now i've stopped using them! No more using them as frequently as last time. Those words weren't good either, it really sounds rude too. Okay enough of those, Let's do it together and make a difference in this society. (I'm serious, Campus REVO! Edmund [2 holes] ). Ask God for wisdom to help us refrain from using those words. I know we can do it thru God's help. Seek God if you can't. Just put your trust in Him that He will guard your heart and tongue.
P/s: No one can SEE God, but He proves himself to us if we seek Him.
I love you Lord! Thank you for everything, your neverending love for me! ♥

And seriously No offence to anyone who reads this post, because i heard many people using those words and in a sudden, i had the urge of writing something so i wrote this.

You know what Cheryl told me in class today?
She turned to me while lecturer was still talking and
she said :"I feel like eating laksa.."

It was like so super duper random! LOL to Cheryl!
and then she continued :"Malacca don't have that kind of laksa (jb style)."
Yeahh and this 2 sentences just makes me feel like getting a bowl of laksa immediately! and i started missing my family like missing the laksa. haha. X)
So funny larh cheryl neo! Don't worry, you'll be going back for mid-term break!
uh i mean US!

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