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Monday, May 24, 2010
Okay i'm back to continue with my post the other day.
Wooh i met awesome friends in mmu.
It has been quite a while there in MMU, dah satu tahun.

Alright! People who entered my life.

1.Cheryl: Miss Hana!! got to know this girl through cf. She's a very nice friend. AN AWESOME ONE! really. umm she helped me a lot in studies, friendships and blah blah blah. She something like my sponge which absorbs anything i tell her. lol. Spent a lot of time with her and she's super funny, always making me laugh like crazy and a caring sister to me! always saying i can do it, a very great crazy kawan sahabat. got serious times also larh.hah. She just loves food larh.

2.Shan: The first friend i met in my PL01 group. I remembered we laughed together, cried together and did a lot of crazy things together, and even sell newspaper together! lol. & remember our favourite spot in campus alright? when you cant find me just go there, i'll be there! She's a great friend who always wanting the best for me! Always encouraging and praying for me! Thankiuuu! She's a little crazy at times, but that's her alright! she loves hiking! (at night) stay strong girl! :P

3.Peiying: Someone who always talk sense into me and a very hamsap/open person to me. lol. Don't kill me after reading this. hah! She's a good singer! listening to her sing its like playing some cds or music, zuper nice! beautiful voice, wish i could sing like her.ahah! We always go visit each other's house which is just one floor apart. We also always talk talk tgt, and we sometimes we do stuffs that really memalukan. (that won't happen again.) She talks very funnily and always make me laugh till tears almost flow out. She likes cheryl the most and there's a reason for it! [secret]

4.Eunice ll: NAMA sama.lol. I always laugh when she is angry and influenced her too.lol. She's very funny while she scolds people.really! Yeah she's super thin and always say she's fat.heheh. She's a very caring friend and a very happy-go-lucky person. She likes heels, the flowery leggings, .............banyak lagi. Likes shopping a lot!

5.Zeehan: Ohh i got to know him in sem 1. I always knew him as a very active person in class who likes to talk. heh. He's very friendly, and he's birthday is 1 day before my sister's one.lol. He got the bushuang look when he doesn't smile, so smile more kay? hee. (don't marah) :P He always intro nice songs, movies and books to me. Cheering me up by not asking why when i feel really down, bringing me makan at nice places. A very great & caring friend to me, always encouraging me and not looking down on me, he likes ah bob too. will keep those memories with me! those awesome ones.

6.Giant: A super big/tall guy! ahhaha. and im known to him as tiny. He looks quiet if you don't know him. But that's not the real him. He's actually very talkative too, and crazy. He likes dimsum (rich wor) and umm he likes to kacau people. Always say me one larh.yerr. jkjk. Got to know him only at sem2 cause same group in moral project. Funny person larh! HAHAHA.

7.Sally: =] DD!! A person who always borrows me her EAR. We always share stuffs and got TTT together. Had a lot of fun with her and crazeh, funny, sad, happy times together. I remembered she rushed to my house just to see what happened to me, from ep you know. ?I was so touched!! She's the pinky and famous ah moi. Banyak peminat punya know, hahha. I know where to find her when her msn goes crazy.hahah. An encouraging friend who always pray for me and support me everytime, weee learnt guitar tgt, she's the pro.

8.Angel: She's a lovely friend but always like to kacau me. But now i know when she says no it always means yesh! hahah. eg: me"Can i come over to your room? Angel: No." She's a very happy-go-lucky girl, sangat lenggan during exams one. She's also a very mature person who look at thinks differently and sometimes talk sense into me.lol. Always very joyful and smiling, don't emo kay. hahaha. I like to kacau her also, very good to bully one.lol. (jkjk) HAHA. a very nice friend!

9.Tk (bang):Super lame guy. He's very random at times, and like to make up lots of stories with his gang.lol. Very chill friend and likes to sleep.hahhaha. He's also very helpful but too bad he didnt go gym like what foo always do.HAHAHA. He always make me smile, thanks bang!

10.Noel: He always likes to kacau me but i know larh all joking one right? I got to know him thru cf and we always go cf together. He's very encouraging and funny at times. He's also LAME. always smiling and look very cheerful everyday. A very caring friend who will always care for others.Ohh yeahh, the most gentleman guy in alpha! hahaha. always walk behind the girls, very good! but always act cool., you've been a great friend to me! hugs! (Y)(Y)

11.Foo: Fun guy. Funny is the Word! When i see his face i sure cannot tahan and i will burst out laughing. Sorry to say that foo but michelle also thinks so. Umm he's a very patient friend who kept helping me with my singing that time. We kept singing the verse over and over again. 1,2,3,4,5,6...(till i loss count) He's really strong! go gym one kay, ahhahha. Yeah and he is very lame at times, i didn't know that he's like that, i thought he always likes to act cool only.hahhaha.

12.Noni: He's a friend who always encourage me giving me bible verses. He likes to laugh like "hehehe" very funny one.lol. Umm and he always care for others, remember don't emo kay. Everyday like very happy like that, but sometimes thinks too much. Very friendly to everybody. Last time always talk to him and i think he has grown up, thinking much more maturely! Its really good to see that!! Cheers!

13.Teoh: like my brother.LOL. i just knew he always watch movies alone, next time can ajak me larh. HAHAHA. He's very friendly and very helpful one. super. He's very outgoing, and just really got to know him better this sem only.

14.Charlene: Teddy lover! She's crazy about TEDDIES! I call her Charsiew and she is super small size. She's very funny and always kena bully by people. I like her tying her hair into a bun which looks nice on her. She always got a lot of information about everything, very advance one larh. hahahha. Piano pro!! next time teach me kay? hee.

15.Edmund ng: 2 holes, Orange dimple. He has to gigantic hols in his cheeks! He calls me five holes,lol. He's not emo, he's funny and very passionate about serving God. I can see that in you! CAMPUS REVOLUTIONIST! AWESOME! continue to shine for the lord! Very pro in captain ball and very friendly one.

16.Yeeshean: We like the fried cendawan! HAHAHA. Oh yeahh, her mummy is going cook that for me one day. It's like so fast time passes, i can still remember we went for orientation together with peckshan. Known her for sooooo long but only when we came to mmu only became closer with her. She's sampat at times, but no worries i like it! Had lots of fun tgt with her but nowadays really busy till three of us cant have a proper lunch tgt. Next year must meet more alright? Love you lots girl.

17.Peckshan: New name PEGGY. LOL. nice name for her right? She's super funny person, really crazy when she laughs. She've got an owl in her room and a super biggy bear.(its almost my size) Didn't know she's so funny and lame during my high school days. Now i know. I always kacau her and go to her room and we talk and laugh and go jogging tgt. i miss you and yeeshean. So you know what to do right? hah!

Really great to know all these nice people.
really thank God for ALL OF YOU.
Love you guys! You rocketh my world.

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