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Bintulu Mission 2011
Sunday, February 27, 2011
Byebye Bintulu!
It was a blessed and awesome mission trip for all of us, because God is AWESOME! Ummph, i really thank God for every single thing that happened over there, i really did experienced Him throughout the whole mission trip. He was there with us throughout the whole thing and saw how God make things beautiful in His perfect timing. This mission trip really impacted my life and it left a mark there, a good one though! Praise God, To God Be The Glory.

I met many awesome people who have passionate hearts burning for God there in Bintulu, they were superb people. Wonderful people who loves God very much, i see their love for the people there. First Pastor Rose, she is a wonderful cook and teacher, i learnt many things from her. There were two things which Pastor Rose shared, first one is "what will Jesus do? & when Jesus asked Simon do you love me for 3 times" Second person is Jeffrey, youth worker. He's a friendly guy who is on fire for God! He shared with me some of his life testimonies and how God changed his life. Hmm he is really fun to be with, ahah! Third is brother Leong/long/panjang, He's a changed man by God, wonderfully used by God. And also brother Ricky, Walter and many others!!

Alright, i shall show some of the pictures and explain what we did there!

Day One
We reached the place- Blessed 2 bless. We actually thought we will be staying with some other children over there but unexpectedly the whole house was for us! After that we gathered in the living room and started talking and got to know Jeffrey, the youth worker who will be joining us for the whole trip. Pastor was in the kitchen preparing lunch for us, we wanted to help but kena halau cause pastor said she don't wanna let us know her secret recipe. HAHAHA, she's a very cute pastor! After that pastor came and join us and we started sharing who we are, from where, how we got to know Christ, what course are we taking, what we plan to do after graduating and etc. We started to share and got to know each other better. After that we went to visit the slump area which is known as the village of Mazako and we also went around inviting villagers for the night event. There were 380 families living there, its something like rumah setinggan and at night they don't have electricity, but there's a generator only at the Tuai rumah's place. At night we conducted a youth fellowship at the tuai rumah's place. Amazingly, lot's of people came!! Praise God!=)

Brother Leong provided this house for us.

Sharing #1

Sharing #2

First meal we had there, girls helped with the cooking and guys helped w the eating.lol.

The blue sky, but pastor said Bintulu is polluted, alot of asthma patient there.

Village Mazako #1

Village Mazako #2

Village Mazako #3

Village Mazako #4 (imagine there are 380familes living in the village)

Village Mazako #5 (This is how they make Belacan)

Village Mazako #6 (Inside Tuai Rumah's house)

Village Mazako #7 (The kids there!)

Jjourney back from Mazako, the guys sat behind the truck!

Night, first fellowship with Mazako villagers.

The Tuai rumah introducing us.

Games session.

The kids there were happy!!

Some youths there.

Kelvin and Mau sharing their testimonies.

The youths performed some songs for us.

Nego's voice is awesome!!!!

Day Two
We woke up at 530 for devotions at the balcony. And Sally fell sick, having high fever. :/ We prayed for her and God is awesome, slowly later part of the day, she was better! Hmm, we went for EE which is Evangelism Event at some shopping complex, City Point Mall in Bintulu. Most of us were first time doing it, going up to total strangers and talk to them and share the gospel to them. We were kinda afraid at first, but God gave us the strength and courage and we tried and did our best for God. We went in pairs w our own buddy. God was training us up for greater things, Kel and i talked to four person and also prayed to bless them. After that we went for lunch with Pastor Rose and tried the Teh C Special there, which was our 3layer tea here. Next, we packed our stuffs and prepare to go to the long house, 'Rumah Bana', we stayed there for a night. On our journey there, the van went to the opposite lane and there was a cliff just beside the road, the youth worker lost control of the van and Pastor knew that it was a spiritual attack and quickly prayed for protection. It was something really weird. After that we reached Rumah Bana, it wasn't like the olden days long house but it was really modern! We had a great time of fellowship with them and was really encouraged and blessed to see them so hyped up, burning for God! We learnt alot from the people there, seeing them having the heart of worship. Singing praises to God and doing everything from their hearts, it was really a great experience. Personally, i learnt about the heart of worship, even when the song went out of tune, they continue singing w/o bothering about the music. Brother Daud led the youths well, we'll continue to pray for a breakthrough for the guys in Rumah Bana!! PRAISE GOD! =)

walking to city point mall

outside the mall.

Aaron and Christy went off evangelizing!

Off to Rumah Bana!, 45 minutes drive.

some rumah setinggan along the way.

traditional long house.

paddy fields beside the church.

The church was donated by Korean missionaries.

Nicely tiled by.

Discussing for the night event. (Orange shirt-brother Daud)

Eunice trying out the drums, pro wey..

The cute kiddoes!=)

visiting the long house!

its indeed very very long, double storey somemore!

jump shot!

The wanita and lelaki's song presentation.


Upm students and University masyarakat people singing!! lol

the youth's skit

cleaning up the hall to sleep, sweeping away all the zuperr big bugs. They go wherever there is light and bang their head until they die, i learnt something tooo from mau's illustration!

Josh was brushing teeth then suddenly nose bleed. ahahah! =X

Guess what the girls were doing? practicing w towels to hit people.lol.

This is epic giler, got more but its private & confidential! (black with pick polka dots<3)

Day three
We had breakfast with the youths at Rumah Bana and headed back to Bintulu for womens ministry in the afternoon in village Mazako. We taught the kakak there how to wash their hands in 7 steps and also gave them some hygiene and cleanliness tips. Ohh yeah and the fun part was we taught them how to paint their nails and while we were painting we chat with them, getting to know them better. They were happy people even when they live in a not-so-good situation that they do not have enough, but they were contented and happy. Pray that God continue to use Pastor Rose, brother jeff and others to blessed the villagers and God's name will be lifted high up in that Village! It was a nice experience talking to all the kakaks there. Yeah at the same time, the guys went to evangelise in the village, they went to four houses and prayed for the people there. They were happy to receive the tshirts, bags and caps, and some weird things happened over there too. (The hornbills incident) At night, we went to join the Kemena cellgroup, mostly the people there were factory workers from indonesians. I believed God placed everyone of us in this Bintulu group for a purpose, Christy and Joshua were indonesians, so they led the service in Indon language. The people there work in the Timber factory and there is a compound where all the workers stay, eat, play there. Every activity were carried out in that place and they hardly go out from that place. There were only 30 odd of em' were Christians, and they have fellowship every Thursday night. They were kinda passive people that need lots of encouragements for them to go out and share God's love. There were lots of changes made to what we had planned but praise God, it went according to His plan and many of them opened up themselves and shared with us their personal testimonies how they get to know God. PRAISE GOD! =)

painting nails #1

painting nails #2

painting nails #3

painting nails#4 (pastor rose also helped to paint)

painting nails #5 pretty.

Day four
Something like the lastday for us. As usual we had our devotions but at 620 cause we woke up late and pastor was already here. We prayed and shared the word of God, pastor shared stuffs with us and we had evaluation in the morning. Uhmm i couldn't really concentrate in the morning during prayer and i shared about the Armour of God in Ephesians. During evaluation, I see god working through us in wonderful ways. This was the last day of mission and tmrw we'll be flying back to malacca and we really hope there will be a bigWOW for us before we head back. We had children's party in the afternoon and we had games, worship, david and goliath skit. The kids enjoyed it and when we were about to leave, the kids asked us whether are we coming back again. It was kinda sad =( The children's party was really awesome and for me i personally enjoyed playing with the kids, some kakaks and the youths. After the children's party we went to the beach, Jeff suggested that we go there for a while to have fun. It was really pretty! Next thing at night, there was this christian fellowship with SMK BINTULU students in their school. The most AWESOME thing happened during that fellowship that friday night. At first, everything kinda went out of our plan and control, and sally and i were somehow dissapointed because it was kinda messed up. But God is GREAT & GOOD! After teaching them the wordless book, pastor stepped up and helped us explained it in a more detailed manner and Jeff suddenly asked us to do a free worship and pray and bless the students there. We went onto the stage and started worshiping God, i stretched out my hand and pray for the students, and suddenly a girl screamed and fell on the floor. Jeff came over and asked us to go down and hug them and pray for them. I quickly went down and hug and prayed for that girl and she was crying and crying non stop. Lots of other students fell, crying and screaming, we went to hug and pray for most of the students, some even fainted. I could feel God's presence in the entire hall and it was magnificient! SERIOUSLY. And it was awesome, the students were refreshed by the holy spirit. This was the first time experiencing this for most of us but it was really a nice one. There was also one teacher who came out and asked the students to go back to their hostel and we started talking to the teacher. We prayed for her the first time and she started coughing and vomited some white stuffs out, after that we talked to her again. Sally and i sensed that that teacher was kinda weird that time so we prayed silently beside while the rest were listening to her life story and encouraging her. She was a very depressed and negative person, so after that we were almost leaving the place. Jeff, the youth worker asked us all to pray for her one last time and we'll leave.So, we surrounded her, she was sitting down and we started to pray. Jeff asked Mau to pray the closing prayer so he didn't start to pray at first, all of us were praying except for mau. Then he felt the urge to go down and hold the teacher's hands. We started praying out loud, that she'll be breakfree from her past and sadness, and etc. Suddenly, she started to fling both her hands, it was like kena electric shock. All of us were shocked to see that but continue praying out loud in the mighty name of Jesus! The second time, she flung her both hands again but this time with more power. We knew that there's something in her, maybe spirit, so we continue to cast the spirit out in Jesus name. All of us were shouting and praying and the Jeff and Eunice were speaking in tongues, all of us were rebuking the evil spirit to leave her body in Jesus name! Then, the teacher suddenly pushed us up with a lot of strength, mau was holding both her hands. but we continue praying and praying andpraying w/o stop until the teacher lie on the table and she started to cough and vomited out the some white stuffs like previously. Mau ended the prayer and all of us shouted zuperrrr loud AMEN! and it echoed the whole entire hall. The teacher said sorry, i didn't know where it strength came from but she said she saw light and a white figure. Then mau explained to her that it was Jesus standing there, and He loves her very much. The teacher thank us many times and after that we left. On the way back, we played christian songs and sang it all the way back. Pastor came in the middle of the night and we shared everything to her, she prayed for us and our love ones. Then she told us that the evil one cannot touch us, because we have Jesus in us and the evil one can only oppress us but not possess us. God will cover us with the armour of God like what i shared in the morning. God also gave us as children of God the authority to go out casting out demons in Jesus name. I learnt a lot of things from Pastor Rose and she is really awesome, she shared my life testimonies with us and also lots of jokes too. After that she told us that the house we were staying actually was haunted, for 2 years nobody stayed here. but before we came in to stay, they prayed and cleansed the whole house in Jesus name. Nothing happened, and brother leong said that the house was turned from haunted ghost house to holy ghost house. AMEN! Praise God! =) Fyi, Pastor Rose left earlier because she had to send a student who was lost back home.

practicing the David and Goliath skit

Children's party #1

Children's party #2

Children's party #3 (Goliath & gang)

Children's party #4

Children's party #5 (david threw the stone towards goliath)

Children's party #6 (Goliath drop dead)

The kids presenting some songs!!=)

Aku Tentera kecil, Yesus panglimaku! DORR!

very very comel this adik=)))



Mau kacau-ing them! HAHAHA.

Sally kena squeeze by all of them. hahahah.
Singing in the van!!=)

eunice smiling hard=)

here we come, beach!

Bintulu beach #1

Bintulu beach #2

Bintulu beach #3

Bintulu beach #4

Bintulu beach #5

Bintulu beach #6

Bintulu beach #7 (christy, jeff)

Bintulu beach #8 (jeff posing, hahaha)
Bintulu beach #9 ( wind really strong there, me and jeff)

Bintulu beach #10 (girls and jeff)

Bintulu beach #11 (josh emo)

Bintulu beach #12 (Aaron smiling! as usual)

Bintulu beach #13

Bintulu beach #14

Bintulu beach #15 (christy always making us laugh=)

Kel, my buddy and also our bintulu leader! Kamu BATU! =]


Sally dan saya!


eunice1, sally, eunice2

sis eunice our alarm clock, thanks for waking us up! :D


Christy dan saya :D

going back..

kel and ahrun!


sarawak laksa! we were so blessed w lotsa food!

Mau serving!


Teh C special

Jeff and i ( look like koreans? ahhah)

Byebye bintulu!!!!! =(

Josh and sally! buddies!

Day 1 at airport, miri and bintulu girls.

Day 5, Miri and Bintulu united.

In short, God is love and we gotta show our love to the people around us.
I hope what i got to learnt there, i will apply it in my life and continue serving Him with more more FIRE!!! God brought us through that mission trip, guiding us and helping us to take a step closer to Him, Hallelujah! We went there to bless the people there, and we too got blessed even moreee!!!! PRAISE HIM! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!=)

I am starting to miss Bintulu and Pastor Rose, Brother Jeffrey, Brother Ricky, Brother Leong, Brother Walter, villagers in Mazako and the food,etc. :/

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